2 Secrets of Fat Loss the Weight Loss Industry Doesn't Want You to Know

The weight loss industry is so mad about this, because now they might lose millions. They don't want this simple information get out there, because then they won't be able sell any more weight loss pills, ab rollers or training videos!

As you might have heard, the weight loss industry is worth billions each and every year! But why are we feeding them with more and more money when the solution is so simple? You don't need their latest ab gadget or weight loss pill... You simply need some common sense and the ability to take action. Nothing more, nothing less.

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Your six pack abs, ideal weight or weight loss goal is not in the hands of anybody else. It's in your hands and with these 2 simple secrets you'll be able to STOP buying expensive products on TV, over the internet or anywhere else! The truth is so simple, yet so overlooked.

The first secret is to simply eat healthier food. Yes, you can lose weight by eating healthy, and increase the number of meals you eat each day. The ideal fat loss eating rate is 6 meals per day and eating healthy, high protein, fiber rich food and lots of different vegetables. How hard is that? It's cheaper than fast food and keeps you alive longer. There's no real secret here, it's just common sense, yet people don't do it.

The other one is getting the RIGHT KIND of exercise. Yes, the right kind of exercise matters more than how long. You can spend 30 minutes of the right kind of exercise and get more benefit than 1 hour of the wrong exercise. The problem most gadgets have is that they do not provide you with good fat burning activity. You can do it all at home, or using simple weights. Don't go crazy here!

If you want to lose belly fat, the best type of exercise is to do high intense resistance training mixed with some effective cardiovascular activity such as 20 minutes of jogging. Combine these two, a healthy meal and you will start to see results faster than you'd ever imagine.

It doesn't require any mombo-jumbo gadgets, or pills. It's pure common sense. Of course there are ways to speed this up using natural shifting in your training. But as soon as you start to eat right, you will notice that you are doing 80% of what needs to be done to get to your ideal weight.

There is tons of information, videos and content on the internet that will trick you into buying weight loss pills or ab gadgets, and anytime you see it, just know that you don't need it! It's just a means to an end for the weight loss industry! The best products to buy are ones that explain how to exercise and how to eat, because that's the most natural way to go about losing weight!

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