Exercise and Weight Loss - How Important is Exercise to the Success of Your Weight-Loss Program?

At the risk of bursting the bubble of the gym junkies, personal trainers and biggest loser devotees reading this, exercise is not the most effective weight-loss method and in fact it is just one of three factors that need to be in place if you are to lose weight and transform your body.

While exercise and eating correctly are clearly important factors in a healthy lifestyle THE key components that absolutely must be taken into account before you do anything else to try and lose weight and keep it off are the mental and emotional factors that drive your weight gain behaviours. The same components that prevent you from making better choices, and following through with better more healthy behaviours (exercise for example), in relation to your body and your weight.

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The majority of overweight people have major resistance to the idea of exercise.  To simply try to push through that resistance while possible in the short-term, is not a long-term healthy lifestyle option because most people will simply not be able to keep it up.

Now many people will argue that exercise is the quickest way to lose weight because they have used it and lost 10 pounds in 10 days or 30 pounds and 30 days. But unfortunately for the vast majority of them, six months later the weight is back on. And the reason for this, is that they were relying on willpower to override their natural dislike for exercise and they did nothing to address the underlying mental and emotional factors that were driving their dislike of exercise.

Regular physical activity must be a part of any weight-loss program and should be a part of a healthy lifestyle which is really what were all aiming at when we are trying to lose weight. The solution is to deal with this resistance or reluctance to get physically active at a mental and emotional level first. We need to begin by removing all the less than useful thoughts or feelings and beliefs about exercise before any exercise programme starts.

Dealing with his resistance to exercise can be done using techniques such as affirmations (when done the right way), hypnosis and EFT. Mind techniques such as these are very powerful and effective tools that will help you achieve your exercise and weight-loss goals without needing to resort to willpower and motivation to keep you going.

And once you've freed up some of that resistance to just getting moving again the quickest and easiest way to begin a regular exercise programme is to find activities that you enjoy, or dislike the least as the case may be, and simply start doing them.

Don't think you need any equipment or expensive gym membership or special shoes or anything at all really. Just simply decide to start where you are and get moving again in whatever way feels comfortable and doable to you.

Start small. Even just a couple of minutes done regularly will begin to re-acquaint you with your body's natural desire and drive to move. And once you have hooked into that, believe it or not, you will begin to enjoy exercising and moving your body. At this point you'll never have to force yourself to exercise again and most likely you'll have lost some weight in the process.

Despite what the weight-loss gurus say exercise is not THE way to lose weight. To lose weight and transform your body painlessly and permanently you need to look at what's happening within you. By focusing on your thoughts and feelings and your beliefs and behaviours about exercise first before you get moving, you can be assured that once you start becoming more physically active you'll find it easy to maintain, rather than fighting yourself every step of the way.

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