Fast Weight Loss That Works - Without Starvation

You not only want fast weight loss, you want fast weight loss that works! What is the point of following a plan if you are not going to get the results you want or the results quickly disappear? This article shows you the best way to quickly lose fat and why you need to avoid the old dieting trap of starving yourself.

Rapid weight loss has a lot of critics because the traditional weight loss strategy was to either starve or give up carbohydrates. The opponent would say that weight loss from these techniques came from either water loss or muscle loss, and yes, past methods of quick weight loss did cause these things, but new research and understanding of the hormones that regulate fat loss has led to a better solution.

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To help you understand this I want to share a note about a hormone you may have never heard of, in fact up until about 10 years ago scientist didn't even know it existed. The hormone is leptin and one of its jobs is to alert the brain when it senses a drop in calorie consumption. When the brain receives this message it puts the brakes on your metabolism in an attempt to save your stored energy reserves yes, that's right, your body actually sets up protective measures to prevent fat loss!

Now this was a great internal check system when we were hunter's and gatherers and didn't know when our next meal was coming but now-a-days when food is abundant and available 24 hours a day, this doesn't serve us very well. In fact, for a dieter hoping to reduce calories in order to lose fat this is a problem.

So is there a way to achieve fast weight loss that works?

This new understanding of leptin has ushered in a new era in dieting and it is one I think every dieter will love, the solution is to cheat on your diet.

Let me explain how this works. I already mentioned that leptin signals to the brain when food consumption is low and in turn the brain slows the metabolism, but the opposite is also true. When leptin sees that you are eating more food it stops signaling the brain and your metabolism is restored. Metabolism is the key to weight loss and you can lose weight fast by dieting for 6 days a week and then on day 7 having a "cheat day".

This is not someone's crazy idea, this has been tested and researched thoroughly. One of the top guys teaching this method is a former Body for Life contest winner named Joel Marion in fact he has put together a program called Cheat Your Way Thin which gives you a complete understanding of this new dieting strategy that is showing promise as the first real breakthrough in fast weight loss that works without starving or even struggling.

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