How to Make Weight Loss Shakes

Protein shakes are really big on people who are trying to lose weight. Aside from the benefits of protein, the thickness of shakes makes you feel fuller and fills you up like a solid meal do. A lot of commercial weight loss shakes are available in the market. Not all of them are as credible as they claim to be, though. Some of these products have very high sugar content and very little calorie count. A low calorie diet is the fastest way to lose weight but too much restriction on your calorie intake will prove to be catastrophic to your metabolism. Commercial weight loss shakes with a little bit of fat content is good for your body since this will make you feel full and fat is needed so your body will have something to burn. Powder shakes should have the right amount of calorie, protein, and fat to qualify as a healthy meal replacement.

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If you want to keep a close tab at your weight loss shakes and make sure that you are taking the right amount of nutrients, you can make your own meal replacement shake at home. It will cost you less and since you are choosing your own ingredients you are assured of its quality. You can pick from a wide range of fruit and vegetable selections in your local market to act as the main flavour of your weight loss shakes. Not only will this give you the desired flavour, but you are also using fresh ingredients and the essential vitamins and minerals you are supposed to get from fruits and vegetables are still intact since they are not chemically processed. Fruits are high in fiber, which helps flushed out toxins from the body. When a fruit is mashed, its fibere is broken down and all the important nutrients are better absorbed by your body.

Select a protein powder to go with your weight loss shakes. Protein powder is a necessary ingredient to your homemade shake. It can either be made of whey, soy, egg or ice, depending on your taste preference. Protein powder adds a high level of protein to your shake which is essential in beefing up muscles as well as keeping your body healthy. Even if you are trying to lose weight, you want to keep your muscles lean. A daily dose of protein powder enhances your immune system which can protect your body from common illnesses.

You can use non-fat or low-fat milk as the source of liquid for your shake. Milk is a good source of Vitamin D and calcium. Coconut oil is also an alternative since it is rich in healthy fats, which help speed up your metabolism. Yogurt is another choice since it is also rich in calcium and its thickness will give consistency to your shake. Any form of milk should not be avoided when trying to lose weight. The calcium in milk helps accelerate fat loss.

When you have all the ingredients you just have to grab a blender and you're good to go. Choose a fresh fruit or vegetable and cut into pieces. Organic produce is much more recommended since they are untouched by chemicals and you are always guaranteed of their freshness. Add a liberal amount of protein powder or follow instructions provided in the package. Adding whatever amount of milk or yogurt should makes your the taste more delectable. Finally, ice cubes to make your shake more refreshing. You can also add fruit juice for added flavor.

There you have it. You can replace certain meals with your own weight loss shakes. Not only are they it is fresh, but it is they are also loaded with vitamins and minerals without the unnecessary calories. Next time you feel the need to binge, why not whip up a shake instead.

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