The Mystery of Infrared Saunas and Weight Loss

There is a cloud of mystery surrounding the topic of infrared saunas and weight loss -- can infrared saunas really cause weigh loss?

The truth is, it's different for everybody. Each person reacts differently to saunas, so while some people can lose weight, other people will simply reap the other benefits of infrared saunas. It all depends on your body weight, how your body produces sweat, your normal heart rate, and your metabolism. You may be wondering why all of these things would have an effect on weight loss, but think about it: You're not actually moving, but rather you're in a hot environment and your heart rate is increasing, as is your blood circulation.

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If your body is already in great shape, the best weight loss effect you're probably going to get is keeping at your current weight through the greatly increased blood circulation you will experience. Just enjoy the atmosphere and the other effects you're going to feel -- they're just as beneficial as losing weight.

For those who are overweight for one reason or another, infrared saunas and weight loss are a hotter topic. There are hundreds of reasons you could be overweight, and many of them are probably not your fault. An infrared sauna could very well help you on the road to a better body, but just depending on the sauna is not enough to reach your goal weight.

People who are overweight, in the vast majority of cases, have a slow metabolism. If your metabolism is slow, chances are any attempts you make at weight loss are going to take much longer than somebody who has a fast metabolism. Regularly staying in an infrared sauna for 30 to 40 minutes a day can increase your metabolism, thanks to the deep penetrating heat. But it's up to you to combine this with exercises (not directly before or after your time in the sauna) to really reach your weight goal. You can have an infrared sauna, and weight loss may be your goal -- but you're not going to lose much weight without real dedication to it.

As for your how much you sweat -- that is much harder to consider, because most people don't know if they sweat a lot or not. Ask people you're close to and compare how much you sweat with them and try to determine whether you're a heavy sweater or not. You're going to be sweating in the infrared sauna, that much is to be sure, but how much will you sweat? Sweating pushes fluids out of your body -- some of them you need, and some of them you don't. But if you are already a heavy sweater, then chances are sweating it out in the infrared sauna is not going to be much of a difference than sweating anywhere else.

Truly the topic of infrared saunas and weight loss is a tough one, but often people push it aside because they don't think you can lose weight by sitting and a sauna. And really, you can't. Combine your sauna usage with regular exercise, and you will be amazed at the chances that happen inside and outside of your body.

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