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The world is at a stage where there is information overload on every topic. Read the paper, watch the news, check out the magazine rack in the newsagent shop. This is the information age. The industrial age is dead and gone.

Today i want to talk about a pressing topic. It has over 750 million people who are affected one way or the other by it. It is the biggest epidemic emerging. I am talking about about the weight loss industry. And its related aspects like obesity and weight loss/gain.

The US alone has 9 million obese children and 40 million obese adults. These are shocking statistics to comprehend. These people need solutions to their problems. Below are the weight loss solutions review for a few diet pills and other weight loss products .

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#1 Apidexin

Apidexin contains 8 ingredients that are patented What is the big deal about patented ingredients? They work. You must provide clinical evidence that your ingredient is safe and promotes significant weight loss before you pay money.

Just One patented weight loss ingredient will produce great fast results ! It contains 8 patented fat loss ingredients. These are unheard of and will provide fantastic weight loss results for anyone who tries it.

Weight Loss Power: 97%, Speed of Results: 95%, Appetite Suppression: 97, User Reviews:95, Safety:95%, Long Term Results:100% Overall Value: 100%, Guarantee: Lifetime

#2 Fenterdren

Fenterdren, having thoroughly reviewed it. It has been found to contain no traces of any illegal or banned substances and is *100% EPHEDRA-FREE*

Weight Loss Power: 100%, Speed of Results: 96%, Appetite Suppression: 100%, User Reviews: 100%, Safety: 80%, LongTerm Results: 95%, Overall Value: 94.8%, Guarantee: 120 days.

Here is a review for a service and diet program.

#3 Weight Watchers

Weight watchers consist of the flex plan and the core plan. The Flex Plan allows you to eat any foods you want with each food having points assigned to them and you stick within a certain number of points each every day. The Core Plan does not have any points but advocates that you stick to wholesome healthy foods. Each week you go with others to a meeting and weigh yourself in. Many people find weight watchers very effective.

#4 The South Beach Diet

This diet consists of phases. The first phase has the dieter eliminating starch and sugar carvings. In phase two the dieter aims at working towards long term goals. The third phase is whereby the dieter aims to stick to the goal of losing weight for the rest of their life.

From the above you can see that they all have good points and I suggest you do some more research on some others before you choose one to try out.

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