Weight Loss For The Over 40's

Whether you are in your 20's your 40's or whatever age you are, weight loss is an issue, especially if you are he sort of person who put weight on easily despite all your best efforts.

As we get older it would appear that our metabolism slows down and we tend to need less food than we did when we were younger. Inevitably we are concerned about keeping our metabolism fired up to ensure that weight loss doesn't become an issue for us. As our bodies undergo the ravages of time, keeping that belly flat becomes even more important as we attempt to look and feel our best.

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Although people will tell you that diet alone will get rid of that stubborn weight the truth that it isn't enough for consistent and sustained weight loss. Exercise is an important part of the equation. However what a lot of people don't realize is that only certain types of exercise will give them the desired results.

You may have read an article that said hundreds of crunches, leg lifts, and twists will do the trick. Well you may feel as though you are doing all the right things but I can guarantee a six-pack will be nowhere to be found. Sound familiar? If so, it's time you got off the floor and on your feet again, because the only way you're going to achieve the shape you want is to reduce your body fat.

What can me more irritating than seeing men and women on the front of fitness magazines with the most perfect bodies imaginable? Most of them will have a body fat percentage of less than ten percent. And, as you can tell by looking at them, they definitely have ab muscles. The truth of the matter is - so do you; the only difference is you can't see yours, because they're hidden behind a layer of subcutaneous fat.

If you seriously want to get rid of this fatty layer and expose your six-pack, stick to a well balanced diet. No simple sugars (that includes white flour products), eat plenty of good quality protein, and follow a cardio program that works for you. This means engaging in a high-intensity interval training workout, which has been shown to reduce fat at a rapid rate and will ultimately enhance natural weight loss

If you really want to see results I would suggest that you incorporate a resistance training program into your fitness regime. A weightlifting circuit routine is probably advisable as this will have the effect of building lean muscle which in turn will help to raise your metabolism and burn fat. Follow this approach your ab muscles will be evident in no time. It is important to beware that even though your goal may be to lose weight you may find that your weight loss becomes a weight gain in the short term due to the fact that muscle weighs heavier than fat. It is probably a good idea to join a gym so that you get professional advise, or alternatively hire a fitness coach for a few hours to get you going.

Contrary to popular opinion, this type of exercise regime is not just for the younger generation but also for the older generation. In fact it is thought that general health is improved in the elderly if they have a sensible fitness regime that incorporates weight training. It is also worth remembering that as our metabolism continues to slow down as we age, correct eating habits and appropriate fitness programs become even more important if we are to have sustained weight loss and are to enjoy full health and fitness as we approach our later years.

Whatever your age remember to eat a well balanced diet and take part in a fitness regime, that includes a cardio vascular and a weight training element, at least 3 times a week.

Health and fitness are the most important aspect of your third age, as this is a time when you need to be fit enough to enjoy your retirement and the opportunities that are open to you.

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