Choosing the Right Weight Loss Foods

If you have ever tried to diet or loose weight before, you are well aware of the fact that weight loss foods are seemingly hard to come by and even when you do find something that is of some nutritional value, or weight loss importance it tastes horrible! Luckily for those who have a hard time staying away from sweets or whatever else seems to be calling your name at every hour of the day, their is hope for weight loss yet!

The science behind weight loss is very simple. You must burn off more calories than you take in. This makes sense and should be the basis of any weight loss philosophy. Those who realize this mantra will also realize that you do not have to starve yourself, nor do you have to eat a salad a meal every day. The solution however is simple, although at first it may be hard to cope with.

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You should start out by eating the same that you have always eaten, the only difference is to eat half of each portion. So for instance, if you generally drink two cups of coffee in the morning, drink one. If you generally eat two pieces of bread with dinner, eat one. You see the trend here? Now you need not be a math teacher to understand the fact that if you eat half as much you will loose some weight, it is pretty cut and dry. Once you have been working with that process for some time, you should also consider performing some form of cardio several days per week, this will enhance the benefits of losing weight.

If you feel that you are beginning to plateau your gains by eating half as much as everything, you should then look at your daily intake. Try to cut down on the number of carbohydrates and fats that you are consuming, and start to consume more and more protein into your every day diet. Solid forms of protein include chicken, fish, and nuts. Also you should be consuming a good amount of water as well as a good amount of fruits and vegetables.

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