Fast & Easy Weight Loss - Discover How a Weekly Cheat Day Leads to Fast Easy Weight Loss

Fast & easy weight loss is being achieved by thousands of people every day thanks to new research into how your hormones handle fat loss.  This article shows you how taking a weekly "Cheat Day" and eating all of your favorite foods is not only allowed but is necessary for fast easy weight loss.

How many diets have you been on?  If you are like many you can't even remember them all.  The reason you find yourself going on diet after diet is because diets are set up to fail.

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Here is the problem with diets and why they haven't produced the results you wanted.

Up until about 10 years ago scientist were unaware of how hormones in your body regulated weight loss.  At that time they uncovered a very important function carried out by a hormone called leptin.  They found that leptin monitors your food or calorie intake and if the amount drops it sends a red flag up alerting the brain to the possibility of starvation.

You see leptin cannot tell that you are voluntarily reducing your calories to lose weight, it just knows you are not getting as much food and as a result your body slams the brakes on your metabolism in an attempt to preserve your stored energy, i.e. FAT.

That's right, when you diet your body hoards fat and doesn't let go.  And as if that weren't bad enough it also increases the belly fat storing hormone, cortisol, as well as the hunger stimulating hormone, ghrelin. 

This is why your dieting attempts have failed, I mean really, does this sound like a fast & easy weight loss plan?  No way, but there is a solution that will get you quick results and you will love what I have to say next.

The quickest way to lose weight is to Cheat!  Yes, I am serious and no, I did not just make this up.  In fact this has been one of the most researched new discoveries in weight loss and there are thousands of real life before and after photos if you need a bit of proof.

Here is how it works.  For 6 days of the week you diet keeping your calories low but not painfully low, you never want to starve yourself this works against fat loss, then on day 7 you cheat and overeat all of your favorite foods.  Do you crave pizza? How about a burger and fries?  Maybe ice cream and cake, they are all allowed on your cheat day.  Did I say allowed?  What I meant to say was needed.

The purpose of the cheat day is to boost your metabolism and research shows that this is accomplished after about a day of overfeeding.

Now I can hear your question, you are worried that you will gain weight on your cheat day and you will notice some water weight following your cheat day but studies have shown that your metabolism comes back faster than your body is able to create fat so your diet gets the upper hand and you get the added bonus of a fully pumping fat burning metabolism for the entire next week.

Fast & easy weight loss is exactly what the cheat method is all about, pay attention because this is the new era of weight loss and you are right on the cutting edge.

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