Get Serious About Losing Weight With an Online Weight Loss Journal

Having a hard time losing weight? Why not start an online weight loss diary, for everyone on the Internet to see. It is amazing how well this works. I have written a New Years Resolution article that I would like to lose weight during 2009, and I wanted to keep this resolution. The extra weight has affected my health with high blood pressure for the last few years. I wanted to lose this weight so that my blood pressure would come down.

I had read that an online Weight Loss Journal was good for keeping you on track with your weight loss program. So, I started a diary over at blogspot. It works. Whenever I do not feel like doing my aerobic exercises, I remember my online weight loss journal, and I grudgingly do my aerobics workout. Or even when I cheat by eating too much in one meal, I try to compensate with the next meal. There was one week when the weather was hot, and I drank too many milkshakes and I put on 3 extra lbs. I had to find away to get that weight off. I chose to work out longer each day. I increased my fitness workout time to 1 hour a day rather than the 45 minutes a day I had allotted. I managed to lose the 3 lbs in less than a week. So, I was glad when I recorded this on my Weight Loss Diary.

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Usually, I have been able to calculate my food intake. I have set a goal of less than 2000 calories a day. This is a combination of food and food substitutes like Slim Fast Optima which contains 190 calories, and Slim Fast is a good meal substitute. It also makes the recording of my food intake easier, because I do not have to record a bunch of other small dishes and their calories.

The online Weight Loss Journal helps to keep me honest, as other people get to see how I am doing with my weight loss success. There are people that subscribe to my newsletter, so I know that people are paying attention to my progress.
I always hear people who say that losing weight is a private situation, and that they do not want people to know their progress. Or I have even heard that people are afraid that they will not succeed with their weight loss program, I think that is a definite subconscious will to failure, and they do not want people to see them fail.

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