How to Set Weight Loss Goals

When you start any diet it is important to set a firm weight loss goal. This is because your working brain needs to be in sync with your mind's thoughts to achieve your ideal body weight loss goal.  If you just say to yourself, "oh I need to lose a little weight", it will not work as effectively as a clearly defined goal of a certain loss of fat weight. It doesn't matter whether the goal is seven pounds, 17 pounds or 107 pounds, give your brain the direction it needs.

Before you set a goal,  find out first what a healthy weight is for your age, height and body type.  You can find your healthy weight range by using the calculators available online.  Simply choose a weight goal in the middle of the range that fits your age, height and body type.  Be Honest!

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If you have a substantial amount of weight to lose, it is helpful to break the weight loss down into stages. For example if you want to lose thirty pounds over the next six months, you can then break this down further into five pound segments. As you mark off each five pound loss it will give you a big sense of achievement, a feeling that you can then use if you begin to stray off your diet. Also its helpful to reward yourself with little treats as you reach these milestones.  Treats must be non-food related of course, such as a new shirt or blouse. Giving yourself something new will help to motivate you to the next diet goal.

Setting weight loss goals is all about motivation and helping you to feel as positive about the process as possible. Sometimes it might take you a little longer to reach the next goal than you had hoped, but at least the goal is always in sight and you will achieve it.  Setting goals and sticking with them are integral to your fat loss success.

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