Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Journal - The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide

The 9-month experience is over. The baby is here, and you have settled into a routine. Everything is great, but you can't help but think about getting the baby weight off and returning your figure back to normal.

The good thing is that you can incorporate your weight loss with your baby's development with a post pregnancy weight loss journal, and you can start your journal as soon as you get home from the hospital.

Why it's beneficial to keep a journal? For millions of dieters the world over, keeping a weight loss journal has proven to be an important factor in their success because it gives them a bird's eye view what they're eating every day and what they are doing on a daily basis.

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It also makes them more accountable for their actions. They cut down on cheating because not wants to scold themselves in their journal everyday before bed!

The benefit of combining your experiences as a new mom and your thoughts pertaining to your pursuit of weight loss, keeps you on track and it also makes for a beautiful keepsake that you can share with your child when he or she is older.

It'll tell stories of how you talked to your baby, and how he or she smiled when tickled his or her tummy, along with all of the other feelings that you may have. Then there will be stories of the goal setting super mommy who displayed strength and resolve in her pursuit of weight loss.

If you're secretive, remember that no one has to read it but you. It's just a wonderful way to document this time in your life-and a way to scribble down good notes in case you decide to have another child.

You can keep a post pregnancy weight loss journal online, at any one of the dozens of free blog sites out there. You can lock your posts so that only you can read them, or you can join blog communities for new moms and share your experiences with others.

If you prefer something a little more tangible and sentimental, you can make your own scrapbook. You could also purchase a beautiful daily diary and an elegant new fountain pen.

Things you can include in your post pregnancy weight loss journal:

o    Pictures of you and your baby

o    Your daily weight, as well as your baby's

o    A list of what you ate and drank each day

o    Your beginning weight and your goal weight

o    New things your baby has done

o    Thoughts about being a new mom

o    Research you've done, or articles you've found

o    Your exercise regimen notes each day

Your post pregnancy weight loss journal is limited only by your imagination.

A journal is important because, between your concentration on the baby and your probable lack of sleep, you're not giving a lot of thought to yourself, your body, your health, and definitely not your weight.  How could you care whether or not you fit into your old jeans when everything you own has baby spit on it, right?

Your body has changed so much, and is still changing, and so is your baby's.  Do yourself a favor and keep a record of it.

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