Quick Weight Loss Secrets - The Best 3

I would like to share with you some quick weight loss secrets that can help you drop unwanted fats and drop it fast.

Get some sleep - This may sound too easy and too good to be true and it may not even sound like a real quick weight loss secret, but there's more to this. Lack of sleep affects cortisol secretion and cortisol is a hormone that controls appetite. If you don't sleep enough, then you keep feeling hungry even if you had a good size meal. Keep in mind that you cannot make up for the loss of sleep during proper hours by taking naps during daytime. Naps may help you cope with daytime sleepiness but it won't help in any way in mitigating the damage done for the lack of sleep at the proper hours.

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Eat small meals frequently - This is by far one of my favorite quick weight loss secrets because it's so easy to implement and it does not involve starving. By eating smaller meals more frequently, what you are essentially doing is training your body to increase its metabolism. Imagine your body burning through calories 20 times more efficiently while exercising and up to 3 times more even if you are sitting still. The rate of weight loss between a person who eats average size meals and the individual who eats small meals frequently can be monumental even in a short span of time. Just remember the number, that's 20 times while your body is active and 3 times even when you are sitting still, your body is like a fat burning machine.

Power Walks - Let's face it, weight lifting is boring and jogging can make your 20 year old knee feel like that of a mummy. The solution is walking, but not just regular walking, the quick weight loss secret here is to power walk. That means walking at a very fast rate but you are not running, this surprisingly burns calories just as effectively jogging does without the added risk of injuries. Overweight and obese people should not try to jog anyways, as when you run your weight is multiplied by four times directly applying that weight to your knee. Power walking is an awesome way to lose weight because you can do it for an extended period time, with very little risk of injuring yourself, and most importantly it burns through calories very efficiently.

The answer to many of life's complex questions are often simpler than we realize, just by applying the three quick weight loss secrets I described above, you can lose weight fast and efficiently. Remember, "Quick weight loss secrets" is but a title to an article unless you apply it to your daily regimen. Start incorporating these routines today and before you know it, you'll be preaching your own quick weight loss secrets to your friends and family in no time.

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