Three Must-Know Ingredients For Marriage and Weight Loss Success

Do you know what three main ingredients have been shown to make a marriage last? Who would of thought that the same characteristics needed to make a marriage stick is the same that keeps you slim? The proof is in the research. Social Psychologists have shown time and time again the three key ingredients to a long-lasting joyful marriage. My research shows that these three success traits are linked to shedding pounds and living thin.

Emotional Intimacy
A marriage thrives on emotional intimacy. A study by University of Virginia sociologists W. Bradford Wilcox and Steven L. Nock found that the single most important factor in women's marital happiness is the level of their husbands' emotional engagement -- not money, the division of household chores or other factors.

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The more a couple shares and feels heard regarding their wants and needs, the greater the chance that the couple will sustain a strong marital relationship. In a similar vein, when a couple shows vulnerability within the relationship, it deepens the connection and increases the chance of the couple staying together.

Similarly, in my practice, the men and women who communicate openly and honestly with how their added weight is impacting their life and fully feel this impact, the greater the chance of slimming down. By being vulnerable and sharing this impact, their vulnerability has a direct impact on their ability to lose weight. True success begins to take shape out of the raw and open desire to change. In essence, this emotional vulnerability allows men and women to get real with themselves and opens up a space for healing and long-term weight loss to occur.

Commitment in marriage relationships is the second determining success factor to a happy and healthy long-term marriage. Wilcox and Nock found that when couples share a strong commitment to lifelong marriage; for instance, think that marriage is a "lifetime relationship and should never be ended except under extreme circumstances" -- are more likely to report happy marriages, compared to couples who do not have such a commitment to marriage. Shared commitment seems to generate mutual trust and higher levels of emotional investment on the part of couple -- both factors which promote marital happiness among couples, and women in particular.

For years I've preached the negative psychological and physical impact dieting has on people. I've provided 12 years of evidence as to why dieting is monumentally destructive. The research continues to prove this point. Frank M. Sacks, MD, a professor of medicine at Harvard University, and lead author on this study states, "We thought that the higher protein diet would be more satiating and lead to better weight loss long run, but we didn't find that at all, says Dr. Sacks. "We found that protein content really didn't matter." In fact, the protein, fat or carbohydrate content of the diets did not predict who would lose the most weight, but you know what did? Commitment did. Participants who attended more group counseling sessions lost more weight - about half a pound for every session they attended. Those who stuck most closely to their assigned commitment also got better results.

The study, which was published in the Feb. 26, 2009 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, is one of the largest and longest studies to measure the effect of macronutrient balance on weight loss.

Physical Passion

Physical passion is the third indicator social psychologists have shown to indicate a long-term successful marriage. Physical passion is an important part of any marriage. Physical passion comes in many forms. The most fundamental form of physical passion are things such as hugging, prolonged kisses, a touch on the shoulder or mid back, or running your hand through your partner's hair. Passionate touch can lead all the way to a sexual relationship, but sex is not the actual indicator for a successful marriage to thrive. Success relies heavily on constant physical passion.

In the same way, physical movement not only helps men and women slim down, but most importantly, it helps to align your physical with your mental world; increasing the speed to natural weight loss and increases weight loss motivation. When you move your body you feel hot and sweaty. You literally can't help but feel what is occurring within your body. In order for fast weight loss to occur, men and women who desire a naturally thin weight loss approach, first have to begin feeling what their bodies need. It's crucial. When my clients exercise, it helps them to feel within their body not just during meal times but also when experiencing physical movement. The more they get in their bodies and feel, the faster the weight loss results. I see it every day, and so can you.

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