Watching TV Taught Me a Terrific Weight Loss Workout Plan!

Many years ago, while watching television (one of those prime time teen soap operas), I saw something that was so fascinating that I remember it to this day.

As a motivator for your daily weight loss workout plan, I don't think I've ever run across anything better. I can't remember the name of the show or the name of the actors but I sure do remember this!

Here's the scene, it was early in the morning, and one of the teens was still in bed, sound asleep. (Getting a good night's sleep is important for weight loss too. But that's a discussion for another time.) He was an athlete. I believe he played football or baseball on the high school team. Anyway, it was sound asleep and his alarm went off.

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The vast majority of us hit the snooze button several times before we can work up the energy to get out of bed. Not him! With his eyes still closed, (indicating that he doesn't like to get up in the morning anymore than any other teen) he fumbled around until he found the off button for the clock.

No major revelations so far, but hang in there it gets better.

He hit the off button, and rolled out of bed. Note that I am not using "rolled out of bed" as a figure of speech. I mean it literally. He physically rolled off the bed and landed on the floor in a basic push-up position. Then, he cranked off a quick 10 push-ups.

Can you imagine a better way to get your heart started in the morning? Give this a shot, in no time it becomes addicting.

Let me throw in one quick aside though, be careful. You don't want to roll off the bed and hurt yourself. Feel free to get out of bed the way you normally do, and then get down on the floor for your push-ups.

None of us particularly enjoy exercising, I know I don't. What's worse, is spending all day thinking about it, trying to mentally talk yourself into getting started. It's like the elephant in the room that no one wants to talk about. Unfortunately, the more you think about it the harder it is to get started. And we all know how easy it is not to get started at all.

But, if we just automatically do it the instant we get up, like our intrepid teen, it quickly becomes just another part of your daily morning ritual.

Quickly do 10 push-ups, then you could possibly add in some crunches or jumping jacks. Then... well, I'm sure you know the rest.

With no agonizing, soul sapping thought at all, your daily weight loss workout plan will be done before you even realize it. Then for the rest of the day you don't have to worry about it. You'll be just that much happier and healthier.

Losing weight doesn't have to be difficult. For access to my free "Fast Weight Loss Tips" mini-course, and bunches of fascinating articles, visit my website.

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The Cruise Control Diet


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