Where to Start With Weight Loss?

For many of us, the thought of losing weight sits heavily on our minds for what seems like an eternity. It is not like we go to bed on Tuesday as a size 8 and waking up on Wednesday a size 18 - weight gain is a gradual erosion of our health, waistlines, self confidence, energy and happiness. Losing weight can seem very overwhelming and virtually impossible on some levels. Financial issues, overbooked schedules, putting our kids needs before our own, laziness, the "I have tried everything and nothing works for me" excuse are all reasons we try to sell to ourselves to justify that quite simply it has become easy being fat! That's right- we may not like it , perhaps we are even disgusted with ourselves but indeed it is easy. In our minds eye it is far more painful to undertake a weight loss plan than it is to just sit around drowning in our misery!

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Step one- empowerment

Many of us never get ourselves to the point of starting a weight loss plan because we are so overwhelmed with our current situation we cannot clearly see or define a starting point. How do we change this? Well, it is actually quite simple and can be done in two very easy steps. First, we must change our perspective or better yet stop asking ourselves such lousy questions like " why can't I lose weight", "why don't I have the time to cook healthy meals", "why won't my kids cooperate and help me lose weight" or "why don't I have enough money to buy healthy food?" Funny thing happens with these questions- we answer them- create excuses, rationalize or engage in the woe is me. The brain is incredible- it really will go to extreme lengths to help us avoid pain and to find answers or solutions to the questions that need them. So, perhaps we should try asking a more productive question like "how can I start a weight loss plan that will help me feel and look great?" , " what is something I can do right now to start losing weight?" , "how can I make my weight loss a family project in which we all improve ourselves and have fun?"- you get the idea!

Step 2 - Do Something Right Now!

The second key to starting and continuing a successful weight loss plan and take small steps toward your goal but take that step now- right now! Do not waste your time planning how you are going shopping for healthy food this weekend or tomorrow you will start the day with a healthy protein shake or better yet how you will no longer eat junk food once the bag of Oreos is gone! Start right now- throw out the bag of Oreos, grab your purse and get to the store stock up on fruits and veggies, put on your sneakers and take a walk or get on the treadmill! Do anything that is a step toward your weight loss goal and do it now! Once you have completed that task you will have the momentum needed to get your weight loss plan going in the right direction. Arm yourself with the right weight loss plan. The plan you choose should contain portion controlled meals, heart healthy menus, safe nutritional supplements, nutritious meal replacement bars or shakes, fitness instruction, support and inspiration.

Get going, take an action step- no step is too small. The important thing is to start!

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