Is a Weight Loss Program Right For You?

As an expert in my field I am continually asked by people new to health and fitness what weight loss program they should join. I don't like this question. Not only does it depends on many factors but also people new to losing weight may not be ready for a weight loss program.

How do I know? Because they have never tried to lose weight and they know nothing about the the process. They believe all they have to do is follow some instructions and be done with it. But nothing could be further from the case. When you join a weight loss program you have to know what you're getting into.

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No matter what the program is there will be always be two requirements:

One: You will have to change your diet
Food, overeating, emotional eating, and poor food choices are the greatest causes of weigh gain. Unless you have a thyroid problem the reason you are over weight is because of your eating habits. All weight loss programs are going to offer alternatives to what you usually eat. They will also limit the amount you are allowed to eat. You will have to adjust your eating habits drastically.

Two: You will have to exercise
When it comes to losing weight everyone wants to see results. It is true that simply by eating better you will lose weight, but it will take years. No one wants to wait years to be in shape. You want to that weight gone now. So most, if not all, programs have an exercise element to help you more quickly shed those unwanted pounds.

So, is an weight loss program right for you? Only if you are prepared to make changes to your diet, and take up exercising as part of your daily lifestyle.

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