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Being overweight by any amount holds you hostage, it steals your energy, self-esteem, happiness etc. So I wanted to share a free weight loss plan with you. Some years ago, I had managed to put on a few pounds and I knew that I was walking down a slippery path.

We all know that there are a lot of products out there to help us lose weight. And the stories are endless when it comes to how many different ones are tried, only to find ourselves still overweight and feeling like a failure. Plus, having friends and family stealing what self-esteem you have left by sharing words of wisdom like: if you just use a little discipline you could lose the weight etc. (come on, we all know that discipline is important and that you need it to accomplish anything in your life.)

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Now if you have not thought about it before, take a moment and think about all those diet pills you have taking, are they really good for your health? How much stress have you put your body through, with those ridiculous weight loss plans. But what if you could learn about a natural weight loss plan, would that interest you?

Well, one day while watching TV a 30 minute infomercial came on with this guy called Jay Kordich aka The Juiceman. Jay had been teaching a healthier lifestyle for some time and was fast becoming a pioneer in the field of health and nutrition. He advocated making fresh fruit and vegetable juices to furnish vitamins, minerals, and other key nutrients sadly lacking in the standard American diet.

So I attended his seminar and learned how juicing could help improve my health. But the thing that caught my attention most was when he talked about losing weight by juicing. And in that instant I had a free weight loss plan that was healthy as well as a natural way to lose weight. Now this concept is not new and I'm sure I'm not the first one to use juicing this way, but for me it was something that I could do each day that was easy.

So here are some guidelines to help you with any weight loss plan.

1. Before starting any weight loss program, check with your doctor!
2. Be realistic - set reachable goals.
3. Focus on doing! In other words just do it...
4. Have a support system through self-encouragement or with help of family or friends.

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