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Dieting is a billion dollar industry but just how safe is it. Maybe if we could understand a little bit about the foundation of GOOD dieting, then we could achieve success and stop trying all these unsafe and unproven so-called solutions. Proper nutrition is important in reducing the risks associated with hypertension, stroke, obesity, and diabetes. Basic nutrients include proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Dietary goals recommended that the total caloric intake be divided among fat (30%), protein (12%), and carbohydrates (58%). Vitamins are essential for good health, but an excess will not increase health, in fact large quantities of vitamins can be harmful. The use of extreme diets, drugs, and other products to lose body fat usually produces only a temporary reduction in water weight.

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Desirable programs are guaranteed, safe and natural weight loss programs. They provides a caloric intake not lower than 1,200 calories per day for normal adults. This is important because many people try to cut back calories but cut them back so far that it actually slows down their metabolism. If you cut calories too far, then your body goes into starvation mode and hangs onto the fat and uses its muscle for food. Not only is this unsafe but impractical in the long run. Muscle burns more calories than fat so we want to keep our muscle and lose fat. Includes food that is acceptable to the dieter based on habits, taste and cost. It also provides a negative caloric balance not to exceed 500-1,000 per day to result in the maximum weight loss per week of 2 pounds. The most desirable program includes behavioral modification techniques to identify and eliminate poor nutritional habits and includes an endurance exercise program of at least 3 days a week for at least 20-30 minutes at a minimum intensity of 60% maximum heart rate. If your plan is missing even one element it may need to be adjusted.

Things you must be aware of and should be a red flag to any diet program because these things can:

1. Actually reduce your success over a long period.
2. Promote bad eating habits.
3. Increase your overall body fat percent by losing necessary muscle mass and
4. The worst possible - cause illness or death. No weight loss is worth your life!

There are so many weight loss products that are absolutely unsafe that Fox News even released a newscast stating not to buy any products especially if it is imported unless you are certain of the company's reputation. You may ask, why? Isn't it safe if our government allows it to be sold (especially if it is imported). The answer is a definite NO. Our government and the FDA do not have enough resources to check every product or every supplement. That is why it is crucial for us to be knowledgeable. A word of caution. Natural does NOT equate to safe. Your plan should consist of all three things: it should be guaranteed, safe and natural.

You must know and trust the company producing the products. Unsafe weight management programs frequently make claims such as the following. Calories do not count. no need to exercise, and promises sudden weight loss. It also recommends a drastic change in a person's eating habits that are not realistic or can not be maintained for more than 6 weeks. Unsafe programs do not recommend an exercise program and guarantee quick and easy weight loss for everyone. You can also spot them with the spectacular advertising and testimonials. If you are currently participating in or considering a plan that contains anything listed above this indicates a questionable program and may cause harm to your health. Furthermore, if a product is making you sick, irregular heart beat, diarrhea or other negative side effects, please discontinue and talk to your doctor. Dieting doesn't have to be painful. Yes, it takes time so be patient: you didn't gain the weight overnight so give yourself time to lose it.

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