How to Lose Weight Naturally - 5 Pain Free Killer Weight Loss Tactics

Today most people trying to lose weight usually follow the no pain no gain mind set and expect their weight loss endeavours to be not much fun at all. And while this can be the case, you need to be aware of a number of ways to lose weight naturally that can be used that will not only support you in your weight loss efforts but have nothing to do with exercise or diet. What follows are 5 of these tactics that you can start using today to help you achieve your weight loss goals even faster and with less pain.

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1) Drink more water: Water is essential to our well-being and has many functions that help to cleanse our body, maintain normal cellular function and keep metabolism working effectively. Not to mention that water is also pretty filling (it's hard to eat big after you've drunk a large amount of water).

2) Get more sleep: Research has proven the connection between sleep deprivation and increasing weight and an inability to lose weight easily. If you are struggling with weight and seemingly doing everything else that you need to do correctly you may want to consider your sleeping patterns and whether or not you're getting enough quality sleep each night. Even just getting an extra hours sleep each night will make a dramatic difference to your sense of well-being, your energy levels and ability to function during the day as well as your ability to lose weight.

3) Reduce stress: While this can be easier said than done, it's essential to your weight-loss success to reduce stress in your life as much as you possibly can. One of the easiest things you can do that will give you an instant stress reduction payoff is to stop reading newspapers and listening to the TV and radio news broadcasts.

Nothing will bring you down quicker than all the doom and gloom that we are being subjected to by the minute during most of our day. If you want to take things a step further learn how to meditate or use self hypnosis or anyone of the hundreds of de-stressing options that are freely available.

Your mental emotional states are critical to your weight-loss success. If you're spending a day in a highly stressed state, adrenaline is being dumped in your system causing a whole range of hormonal imbalances that have a direct impact on your ability to lose weight. Reducing stress can bring back balance to our body chemistry removing possible sticking points that may be affecting your ability to lose weight.

4) Laugh More: This is an easy one. Just laugh more. It doesn't even have to be laughing about anything. All you need to do is simply go through the physical action of laughing. If possible find something to laugh about or others to laugh with, but if you can't just laugh anyway. As a de-stresser laughing works really well. It's quick easy-to-use and will change your mental & emotional state as soon as you start using it.

5) Have more sex: Now while sex does burn calories which can help us to lose weight that's not the main reason why we are using it here. Along the lines of reducing stress and laughing more, increase sexual activity makes us feel good. People who have a regular (however you define that) and healthy (however you define that) sex life are generally happier and can handle the stresses and strains of day-to-day living much more effectively. So if you are looking for an excuse to have more sex, you've got one.

Obviously the above 5 points aren't all there is to weight-loss. They are however relatively easy and painless to introduce into your daily routine. Losing weight needn't be a painful process and following the path of least resistance is often the more effective option to take as well as being a lot less painful. By continually looking for easy to use, effective tips and tools, and incorporating them into your daily life, you give yourself some very useful support and leverage for those times when things get a little tough.


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