Most Successful Weight Loss - How the Weight Loss Twins Lost 350 Pounds in 8 Months

The most successful weight loss is not just some theory that looks good on paper, it is a program that has proven to work in real life.  The Weight Loss Twins, Bill and Jim Germanakos have lost weight - LOTS of weight.  In just 8 months they lost a combined total of 350 pounds becoming half their original size.  The brothers are now back two years after their dramatic loss to show you how to create the most successful weight loss in your life.

Bill and Jim lost their weight while involved with The Biggest Loser TV Show but if you think they had an advantage because they were locked on a ranch dedicated to fat burning then I need to remind you that Jim was voted off the ranch after week 5.  He lost the majority of his 186 pounds at home while working a full time job.  Let me clarify that, Jim lost 132 pounds on his own, at home in 6 months while working as a full-time police officer.

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Here are some of the things the twins did to lose the weight.

1.  Traded big, high-calorie meals for small frequent ones. 

2.  Stopped skipping meals including breakfast.

3.  Calculated their daily caloric needs and stuck within that range.

4.  Began strength training to build muscle which is needed for a fast fat-burning metabolism

5.  Educated themselves on how their bodies handled weight loss.

6.  Kept journals of what they ate and how often they exercised

7.  Kept a positive attitude, it wasn't always easy and a positive attitude was a must to work through challenges.

The Weight Loss Twins understand that losing weight is not just about eating a certain way, the most successful weight loss comes from combining the right diet, exercise and attitude. 

The brothers have put together a new rapid fat loss system that puts all the pieces of the puzzle together, if you want to drop pounds fast and effectively then I highly encourage you to take a look. 

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