Tips For Maintaining Weight Loss

Make sure that you stay accountable and maintain a healthy diet so that your weight loss will be permanent. Your weight loss represents hard work on your part.  But once it's off, how will it stay off? These suggestions will help you not only lose weight, but maintain your weight loss so that you don't gain it back.

Do not leave yourself hungry. Starving yourself to lose weight isn't healthy. Your body's metabolism will slow considerably if you do that. By not eating enough your body slows right down (believing that it is getting ready to be starved), and this will cause your body to retain fat instead of converting it to energy as it should. This is counter productive to the desired results in your quest to lose weight. In order to maintain your weight loss, keep eating the right portions sizes at your daily mealtimes.

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Keep consuming healthy food choices. And when you attain your dieting objective, you shouldn't think you can go back to eating unhealthy choices. To keep off the weight you lost, you need to keep consuming the proper foods in the proper portions. It doesn't have to be the diet you used to lose weight up to this point. It is merely necessary to consume healthy foods. Ideally, your diet will almost solely consist of fruits, veggies, lean meats and whole grains. It's okay to have a few snacks and sweets now and then (admit it, all of us are only human). If you want to make sure the weight stays off, don't let yourself get back into eating too many sweets and foods with lots of fat.

Continue to exercise. Just as with a healthy diet, you must maintain adequate workouts to keep off the weight. Lowering the difficulty of a workout once the target weight is achieved is the worst mistake that can be made. This will result in a gradual regaining of your weight because your ability to burn fat will be reduced. In order to maintain your weight loss, you need to continue the same level of workouts.

Tell yourself how far you have come. Just a pound or two might not seem like a big deal, but any amount of weight that you are able to lose is an accomplishment. In the same manner, any pounds that you have shed ought to be recalled. When you are trying to lose weight, you should try to constantly remind yourself of the progress you've made so that you don't get discouraged. Take a photo of yourself from the side and front when you start the program, and one after the program.  Keep those photos on the refrigerator, or your desk.

Since you want to maintain your weight loss, use this as a constant visual cue that you've accomplished quite a lot, and to stay accountable. You will need to be honest with yourself when you move from weight loss to maintenance, that way your effort will not go to waste. Continue to weigh yourself even once you've attained your diet objective. You should track your weight week-by-week so that you will be able to see when you start to put on weight again, that way you can stop it in its tracks. To keep your weight loss continuing, be honest with yourself, and be diligent about staying with the program.

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