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Are you a woman over 40? Can you reach your weight loss goals consistently? In this short article you will learn how to avoid common mistakes when it comes to setting weight loss goals: What to include in your plan, tracking progress and how to come up with a plan in the first place.

A common mistake I see in women over 40 setting up their programs to lose weight is that they do not know when they will have reached their dream weight. This is very important though: It gives you the necessary motivation to look forward to. And the motivation will make you stick with your plan. On my website I'll calculate for you when you will have reached your ideal weight.

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Many times I see programs to lose weight with an emphasis on either exercise or nutrition. This does not work- you need both. And you need to plan both correctly to reach your weight loss goals.

Avoid general statements in your exercise program like "I will do cardio training 4 times a week". This is quite common- and often people trying to follow such a plan end up only doing 2 times of cardio training per week. Why is this the case? The goal was not stated specific enough. If you design an exercise program for yourself, include at which day of the week, at which time and for how long you will do which type of exercise. Do this on a weekly basis for the week ahead and you'll see that you are actually following the plan.

Lack of being specific is often found in meal plans too. Make a meal plan well ahead for the upcoming week, and buy only those foods you need. Your shopping list should come automatically from your meal plan.

Next, often there is a lack of tracking progress. If you do not know, if you're making the necessary progress to reach your ideal weight, then you do not know if you are on the right track. So, get a journal and write the numbers on your scale down. But: Be aware of the natural fluctuations in body weight. Calculate an average of at least 4 days to get a good idea on where you stand.

If you are not making the desired progress, you need to make changes in your program to lose weight. Weight loss plateaus are common and part of losing weight.

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