Post Pregnancy Weight Loss Through Hypnosis

Some time ago, a friend of mine became determined to teach me what hypnosis really is and how it could help me in all areas of my life, including weight loss. I tend to walk around in "fight or flight" mode, which is to say that my shoulders are always tensed up and it's hard for me to relax naturally. Hey - I have kids.

So I figured if hypnosis could help me relax a bit, slow down, and feel more centered, then it couldn't hurt to investigate and it could only help.

What I discovered is pretty cool and awesome, but it's not for everyone. First of all, hypnosis does not place you into any state of unconsciousness - you are fully aware of what you are doing at all times. What is does do, though, is place you into a state of deep relaxation, which in turn makes you more receptive to ideas and suggestions. It's also a form of meditation, which in truth I've always been curious about but felt too busy and overloaded to invest my time in.

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We all know there are many factors that affect an individual's ability to lose weight. Focusing strictly on the physical (your intake of foods and your exercise program) decreases your chances for success considerably and almost immediately!

If you're not in the correct state of mind for any challenge -especially weight loss - how can you expect to succeed? The fact is most of us fail because we lack the will power, the motivation, and discipline to sustain a long term plan.

My experience with hypnotherapy is that it re-wired my way of thinking about weight loss. It had me thinking, and ultimately behaving, like the newer, thinner person I wanted to be. Instead of starting from an "I want" standpoint, I now start from the "I am" standpoint. I realized that if you're always in "I want" mode, you'll only ever be wanting. But if you're already in "I am" mode, and you can visualize yourself in this way, you've already completely shifted your way of thinking, which then leads to action.

Hypnosis, when done correctly, affects factors such as family eating habits, feelings/emotions, exercise motivation, and habitual behaviors. Diet alone will not address these issues, nor will just adding in an exercise program. The problems lie in the way the subconscious relates to the weight problem. This is where weight loss and hypnosis partner together for the most effective results.

Instead of focusing on "I want to lose weight" I learned that the trick is to focus on the "WHY" of losing weight - on the positive outcome of my potential weight loss. Instead of thinking about what I want to lose, I now think of what I want to gain. For example, the reasons WHY I want to lose weight are:

o Better health
o Higher self-esteem
o More energy
o More choices (clothes, dating, etc)
o Overall stronger self confidence

Once you know what you want - in positive terms - hypnosis can help you look inward and change your belief system and your mental programming. Then you can achieve what you want!

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