Does Acai Work For Weight Loss?

For a few years now, we've all heard about the benefits of the acai berry, the tiny but powerful berry found in the Brazilian rain forest. It's well known that the berry's antioxidant properties are tremendous.

But what's just becoming known now is how much the acai berry can help people with weight loss. The berry was recently featured on Oprah Winfrey's show and as more and more media attention is paid to the Amazonian berry, the more people will want to know how it can help them.

First, it's important to know a little about the acai fruit. This tiny berry is described as a tasty but slightly tart fruit that is usually enjoyed fresh only by the natives who live near where it's grown. But people all over the world have been enjoying the berry through the use of supplements and juices.

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The Brazilian acai is rich in antioxidants, as well as fiber and protein. It has such a solid mix of nutrients that it's been termed a "superfood" that's at the top of the list of all superfoods these days.

Weight loss

When people talk about acai extract in terms of weight loss, they often refer to the "acai berry diet", when in fact the acai diet isn't a diet at all, but rather an effort to lose weight through the use of supplements.

The berry itself isn't a diet aid, but rather a supplement that seems to help people lose weight. How that is exactly is still not known.

One theory is that adding acai to the diet also brings more energy to the people using it. People who add acai berry to their diets often report feeling more energetic. While this alone won't help you lose weight, it will ensure that you will have more energy to be active, which helps to burn fat.

It's also believed that adding acai to the diet is a way to add a fat burning mechanism. Some people who use acai for weight loss have reported that they lose up to 85 percent more weight than people who don't use the extract. Of course, this could be related to that energy that people report having, but some experts believe that acai naturally burns fat.

If, in fact, the acai berry naturally burns fat and helps people lose weight naturally, the Amazonian berry could end up being a much more powerful supplement than it has already proven itself to be.

There has been many anecdotal and case study reports of weight loss with acai, from mild weight loss to impressive fat loss. While controlled trials are not available yet, it is a natural product that has been used for anti aging and weight loss for decades by traditional cultures, and is a favorite way they use to naturally get healthier.

Of course, everyone will have different results with different product, but acai berry is shaping up to be a solid contender in the weight loss wars.

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