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Are you tired of being in the cycle of starting and stopping a weight loss program? Are you sick of putting a lot of effort into losing weight but gaining no results? Do you simply want to stop trying to lose weight and wanting to really lose the pounds? If you answered, "yes" to any or all of these questions don't worry. Many people have similar problems as you do. To help you solve your problems, here are four killer weight loss tips that many have found to be extremely helpful.

Tip#1: Keep motivated

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The thing with trying to lose weight is that many times in the process, you simply lose your motivation. The reasons behind this usually have something to do with getting tired of the whole weight loss program or coming to a point where you are discouraged.

Keeping your motivation to lose weight should be there from start to finish. This is very important since without it, you would not have enough stamina to finish any program. So how do you keep yourself motivated? Start by having a long-term but realistic goal.

When you think of goals, do not choose ones that make you work extra hard. This will only discourage you and put you off track from your plan. Make sure that when you make goals, they are ones that you can attain easily.

Tip #2: Use variety

One of the killer weight loss tips is to use variety in your weight loss program. Do not just stick to one plan. Or rather, do not stick to a plan that will require you to do the same thing over and over again. Not only will this bore you thereby making you lose interest and give up, it will also make your body get used to it. When your body gets used to something, it will become routine making it unproductive.

Tip #3: Have a weight loss partner

Like it or not, having a weight loss partner can do you wonders. For one, you will have somebody who will always keep you in check with whatever you are doing. The second benefit that you can get from this is that you will also have somebody who will egg you on until you finish it. With a weight loss partner, you will have somebody who will praise you for your accomplishments and criticize you for your mistakes and not your failures.

Tip #4: Compare yourself with yourself

The main problem that people who want to lose weight have is that they often compare their selves to other people. This might do you some good but the problem is that there is a good chance of you ending up discouraged or lax with what you see from the comparison. When you see that you are faring better than the other person, you'll think that you need not do all those weight loss activities. If you see that you are faring way less than the one you are comparing yourself to, you will end up discouraged.

The trick to killer weight loss is to challenge yourself. Do not go around comparing yourself to others. Instead, see what you were the week before and compare that to your current self.

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