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Are you a woman after age 40? Exactly, on how many weight loss programs or have you been? Women on my "Lose Weight Permanently" program usually tell me they have been on many, many diets and plans- but up to now couldn't lose weight permanently. Usually, after the diet the fat comes back within a couple of months, and often dieters even gain several pounds after the diet. There are a couple of reasons for this, and in this short article I am pointing out some of the most common reasons why traditional weight loss programs fail for women over 40 and what to do instead:

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First, the program is aimed at you losing weight, but not on you losing weight permanently. This means it is not focused on long-term success, but on short-term weight loss. Unfortunately, many women starting a program think like that: "First lose weight, after that I'll see how I can keep my figure slim and healthy". This approach does not work. You need to learn how to keep a slim figure while you are losing weight simultaneously. Successful weight loss is not a 2 step process of "step 1: lose weight" and "step 2: keep the fat off". These two steps need to be integrated: Your program should teach you how to live in a way that makes it impossible that fat comes back- and you need to learn this while losing weight.

Next, the program does not fit into the busy lifestyle of women after age 40. It needs to be efficient, and easy to do. And it should include a component helping you to make time for exercise or healthy cooking if necessary. To be successful a program must fit into your schedule, or help you rearrange your schedule.

Third, the program must adjust to your personality. You need to like what you are doing ; otherwise you won't stick with it. And since we all like different things, the program must help you figure out what you like in a healthy lifestyle, so you will do it automatically. You can't force yourself into losing weight permanently.

Generally, if you want to achieve substantial, long-term permanent weight loss, you will need a program that adjusts to your situation and is targeted at women after age 40. The changes in the female hormone system after age 40 make it hard to lose weight- so you might look for a weight loss program helping women in this age group specifically.

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