3 Dangerous Weight Loss Practices

The frustration of being overweight can wear on your mind and may tempt you to try dangerous weight loss methods. Although this pressure to lose weight may be overwhelming at times, you should always keep the safety of your health first in mind.

In some cases, however, dieters are just unaware that certain practices are dangerous to their health. In these situations they unknowingly cause damage to their bodies.

Regardless of whether or not you fall in any of these categories, you should be aware of these dangerous practices. As such, the following list 3 harmful methods that dieters sometimes use to initiate quick weight loss.

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3 Dangerous Weight Loss Practices

1 Water Pills Water Pills, technically known as diuretics, are a type of drug that causes an increase in the amount of times you pass water. It does this by making your kidneys take in more sodium in your urine, which attracts more water, thus causing a rise in the number of times you have to go to the bathroom.

The weight you actually lose, therefore, is nothing more than water weight, not fat. Serious loss of water leads to dehydration. This leads to a loss of electrolytes, critical for nerve and muscle function, from your body, which can lead to a life-threatening condition.

2 Laxatives Laxatives are used to cause bowel movements. The weight loss experience from this drug comes from the emptying of your intestines. Similar to water pills, they also cause water loss, another form of weight loss from this drug. This total process gives you a feeling of being thinner. However, none of the loss of weight is from fat.

Used regularly, you may become dependent on this drug for bowel movements in addition to it causing permanent damage. In a extreme case, it may also cause death.

3 Ipecac Syrup For those unfamiliar with this medicine, it is used to cause vomiting in case of accidental poisonings. As a means to prevent digestion, it has also been used by some to throw-up food. This drug is not just abused by those who are overweight, Unfortunately, bulimic women often use this to induce vomiting as well.

As for dangers, continued use of this drug is believe to damage the heart, which can ultimately result in death.

Better Practices

So no matter how depressed you get about your weight, you should not use any of these means to lose those extra pounds. They are dangerous and could cause permanent damage to your body.

Even though it is easy to say, the following is how you should go about your weight loss: Learn to stay patient and practice healthy eating habits. Since most eating is done out of emotion, good or bad, it helps to remind yourself of this right before you bite into that piece of cake.

You might eat it anyway, but the more you become conscious of why you are doing it, the more control you can build up. It also helps to note the emotion that your are experiencing at the moment and deal with it as best you can instead of covering it up with eating.

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