5 Ways of Achieving Healthy Weight Loss Through Better Metabolism

One of the best and easiest ways of healthy weight loss is to lose weight by increasing your metabolism. Sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits generally take their toll on a person's metabolism, leading to weight gain. By switching to a healthier lifestyle where your basal metabolic rate-the rate at which your body uses up energy when you are not physically active- increases, you can attain fast and healthy weight loss. The best part is that with this kind of healthy weight loss, you will never regain lost weight the way you do with regular dieting. Another major advantage of this weight loss method is that instead of starving yourself, it encourages you to eat.

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5 simple tips for fast weight loss through increased metabolism are:

1. Eat Regularly Throughout The Day: Instead of eating just 2 to 3 big meals, start eating 6 to 7 small meals. Complex carbohydrates found in grains, vegetables and fruits keep your metabolism active throughout the day. On the other hand, when you keep eating regularly, you will always be satiated and not binge on food. Avoid snacking on food with high sugar and high fat content though!

2. Never Skip Breakfast: The worst thing that you can do to your metabolism is to skip breakfast. When you skip your breakfast and stay hungry for 16 or more hours, then your body gets into starvation mode. Understanding that there is a shortage of food or an emergency, your body will store whatever you eat while getting into energy saving mode. As a result, you will not only gain weight, but feel sluggish throughout the day.

3. Exercise: Your metabolism can increase only so much with simple diet changes. It will never get the boost you need for serious and healthy weight loss till you throw in some exercise for good measure. Indulge in some aerobic activities like jogging, walking, cycling or swimming for burning off fat before you eat anything in the morning. And of course, you will need to do some crunches and weights to tone your muscles, because this will give your metabolism the boost to burn fat throughout the day.

4. Get Physically Active: Apart from making exercise a part of your daily routine, you can do your metabolism a whole lot of good simply by moving around a little during the day. Taking the stairs instead of the lift, going for a five minute walk during your lunch break and doing simple chores around the household can keep your metabolism active for healthy weight loss.

5. Get Judicious: We all know that alcohol is not healthy for us, and it is also a major metabolism killer. Avoiding alcohol will not only put your metabolic rate back on track, it will also save you from all the excessive calories that alcoholic drinks come with. At the same time, increase your intake of water because your body needs loads of water to function properly.

By following these simple diet and healthy weight loss tips, you will soon find yourself becoming leaner, lighter and healthier for good.

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