Fast Weight Loss and Gastric Bypass Surgery

Many people interested in fast weight loss quickly becoming interested in gastric bypass surgery. With weight loss of up to 30 or so pounds the first month, and an average of 20 pounds each additional month, weight loss surgery is an attractive option for many. However, gastric bypass is considered a major surgery, and real risks and complications are associated with this procedure. Therefore, it is always advisable to do as much research as possible when considering weight loss surgery of any type as an alternative to diet and exercise.

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The Positive Aspects of Weight Loss Surgery

Besides the obvious almost immediate weight loss, there are some other good benefits that come from gastric bypass. Cholesterol is greatly lowered, usually to normal levels, and some diabetics have even been able to quit their insulin as blood sugar levels returned to normal. Infertility reverses itself and the reduced weight on joints reduces chronic pain in individuals who may have been suffering for years. Losing up to 100 pounds has the capacity to greatly increase your levels of satisfaction in your personal life, including the area of sexual satisfaction. Overall, you will most likely feel better about the way you look and feel.

The Downside of Weight Loss Surgery

There are many dangers associated with abdominal surgery. Gastric bypass involves greatly reducing the stomach and often cutting out large portions of the small bowel. Many complications can occur weeks, and even years, after surgery. The greatest risk is the surgery itself, but other complications include: twisting or blockages of the bowel, severe malnutrition, and an increased risk of stomach ulcers and colitis. The side effects of eating sugary or fatty foods after surgery are unpleasant, but not life threatening.

While those who opt to have gastric bypass get to enjoy the benefits that come with fast weight loss, they are also putting themselves at risk of the consequences. Unfortunately, there is no way of knowing who will do well and who will have complications. The healthiest individual could have problems months after surgery, while the sick may actually see their diabetes cured and arthritic problems reduced as the fat melts off. Weigh your options carefully and consult with a physician before rushing into weight loss surgery.

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