Do Weight Loss Communities See Better Results, Or Should You Slim Down on Your Own?

The ever popular question: should you go out and and try to slim down on your own, or should you receive weight loss help and tips for losing weight through a community program? It's a great question with a very powerful answer.

Communities where you can engage in personalized weight loss help have been linked to lasting slimming results. The evidence suggests the more support you receive from your weight loss community, the better the pounds come rolling off and stay off.

In one very powerful study, the use of social support was found to help slim down long-term for between 70% and 80% of the participants. Compare this to the data that showed those who have lost and regained weight, have relatively low levels of community social support; just 38%.

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A 2-year clinical trial randomly assigned participants to one of two groups. In the first group, study participants were assigned to either a weight loss community or were encouraged to slim down on their own, without the support of a community. The research findings found that those who were assigned to a community lost and kept off significantly more weight. Moreover, there was a direct connection between the involvement within the community such as asking for help and requesting tips for losing weight.

This evidence suggests that the more community support a person receives, the better the results. In a study that looked at what happened when friends joined and participated in a group program together, both slimming down and maintenance was better than that achieved by individuals who participated in the program on their own.

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