Which Weight Loss Plans Really Work?

According to the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), nearly 25.6% of the US population was found to be obese in 2007 and so, which extreme weight loss plans really work, is a rather relevant question.

While there are numerous methods, from surgery to diets, medication to rigorous gym workouts, to lose weight, it may not be a good idea to experiment on your own. So get some medical supervision while you work out a weight loss plan for you.

Liposuction and bariatric surgery
One of the commonly used extreme weight loss methods is Liposuction. An essentially surgical technique, the procedure involves inserting a probing device into the patient's body and liquefying the fat before suctioning it out. The procedure seems relatively simple but it does not come not without its pain.

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Another surgical procedure is Bariatric surgery. This is a method which is adopted when all others fail. In Bariatric surgery the stomach is stapled and part of the intestine removed so that the person is forced to reduce the amount of food they consume. However the reduced intake of calories puts the person in constant danger of malnutrition.

Apart from surgery
Moving away from surgical procedures, another option for extreme weight loss is water fasting, and helps the person lose weight rapidly in the first days but then the rate gets slower. However, if you practice weight loss for more than a couple of days you will notice muscle fatigue and a drastic drop in energy levels.

Diet pills are probably the most common method of achieving immediate weight loss. They work by reducing appetite but as usual come not without their side effects. Not surprisingly, most of these diet pills are veiled amphetamines in prescription form and have the potential to be addictive with numerous other side effects.

Extreme diet is yet another trick for rapid weight loss. It involves eating only raw vegetables, cutting out all carbs, restricting yourself to a meal a day and absolutely no fat or sugar. An extreme diet drastically cuts down on calories and thus causes the weight loss. However this diet can leave you fatigued and listless.

More effective ways
While all these methods put grave stress on your body and have only short term benefits, there are other more effective ways to shed weight, albeit slowly. To begin with exercise for at least 40-60 minutes a day. Replace all the fats with fibers, fruits and vegetables and control your helping, making them small.

Drink lots of water, it helps lose weight and is good for your health. Drink water even before you feel thirsty and avoid drinking sodas, they contain artificial sugar that causes you to accumulate useless calories.

To efficiently burn fat your body requires at least 8 hours of sleep a night; additionally, sleeping right will give you more energy and help you focus during the day. So don't hesitate to sleep off the fat!

All things said and done, sitting before the computer reading this article is all theory, now head of to that treadmill and be firm with yourself, this can save you thousands of dollars and needless days of pain.

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