Easier Weight Loss Comes With the Right Weight-Loss Mindset

Easier weight loss will not come from finding a new diet or a different exercise routine, it will come when you adopt a more positive and beneficial weight-loss mindset.  Have you ever had a major life altering event, maybe a marriage or divorce or job change and find that weight loss just came naturally?  This was not because your body magically required less food, it was because your mind was in a different place.

Your weight-loss mindset is a collection of your thoughts and beliefs about weight loss and when you direct them in the right way they lead to much easier weight loss.

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The first way to get your thoughts working for you is to decide that losing weight is something you want to do FOR yourself instead of TO yourself.  If you approach your efforts as something you must do because your body has betrayed you and is now fat and unattractive you might get a spark of motivation but that motivation will not last.

Instead direct your thoughts in such a way that dieting and eating healthier is something you are doing for your body.  The truth is whether your body is carrying extra pounds or not it is still an incredible machine that has served you well despite the abuse you have given it.

Everyday your body breathes for you, pumps blood for you, digests your food and allows you to see, hear and touch the world around you.  By building your appreciation of your body and how it works you will be more willing to feed it nourishing meals and give it exercise.

Another way to make weight loss easier is to stop forcing your body to change.  If your mindset is "change NOW" then you will find shedding the pounds very stressful and if you succeed in dropping the weight you will be very likely to put it right back on again.

I know it is hard to accept but weight loss can take time, by accepting that your body will likely drop 1 to 2 pounds a week and then accepting the amount of time this will take you will find that you allow your body to change instead of trying to force it to change.

Easier weight loss comes when you put the work into creating a new and beneficial weight-loss mindset. 

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