Weight Loss Success Stories - Ladies, Yes You Can Lose Weight Fast - Just Ask These Folks

When you're in a weight loss program, sometimes it seems like weight loss was the last thing that the program was designed to do.

Can you imagine how frustrating that would be? You set a goal. You lose some weight, and you're happy for that. But, as soon as that feeling of initial triumph shutters up your spine, you run face first into the wall of zero weight loss.

You say to yourself: "It's happened".

I've "plateaued". And, now, your hard work doesn't seem to be paying those big dividends anymore. Of course, this isn't the truth, but it is the reality that you allow yourself to believe, and believe it or not there have been many woman that's given up because of it.

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Weak moments like this can be chased away with weight loss success stories. So, let's take a look at some of them, and see if they inspire you to reach your goal.

The most famous success story is Jared from the "Subway Diet." While not officially touted as a diet at the time, he decided to incorporate Subway's "7 Under 6" sandwich deal into his diet after reading the nutritional information available at his local Subway.

He started out weighing a whopping 425 pounds, and ate about 10,000 calories a day! And by the end, he had lost more than 240 pounds and has managed to perform the impossible trick of keeping the weight off. He ate two Subway sandwiches a day, and walked a lot. He loss the weight, and now he is Subway's most well known advocate.

For many of us, famous people like Jared just make us feel less likely to lose the weight we need. So let's take a look at some real-life weight loss success stories, and see if this won't get you started on changing your life for the better.

Samantha of Frederick, Maryland lost 145 pounds in 10 months. That's like removing an extra person from your frame. To do this she made simple changes to her diet. She cut out the late-night wings and white-bread sandwiches, and started eating veggies and fish instead. She made sure never to skip breakfast.

Initially, she took up walking about two miles a day, which is not a lot or ground to cover, and by month 3 she was jogging that same distance. After about month five, she had lost a lot of weight. Her self esteem was higher than its ever been, and she began to do a bit of gym work. Now she's been her target weight of 140 pounds for well over a year.

When Melissa (San Francisco, CA) decided she wanted to lose weight from her 283-pound frame, she knew she would need the support of others. She had a busy lifestyle that made it impossible for her to commit to meeting with a group on at a specific hour on a specific day of the week.

To get around this, she found her inspiration and encouragement from online diet groups that gave her support 24 hours a day, seven days a week. She appreciated the flexibility that allowed her login for guidance and help-even in the middle of the night. Now, she's a considerably healthy svelte 200 pounds, and she hasn't looked back since.

Jane of Oklahoma City, OK had been heavy her whole life. When she went to college, she went into extreme diet mode in order to fit in better. Unfortunately, her diet was made up of popcorn and Diet Coke. Oh, she lost the weight, but her health was seriously affected. She finally joined a weight loss program that she found on the Internet, and started to lose weight. She had to have exercise in her life, the one thing that she hated. To overcome this, she simply made excuses to do more activities, while not really exercising, like walk the dog after dinner or go dancing with friends, and now, she's 78 pounds thinner!

There are thousands of stories like this from everyday people who have lost the weight. And if these particular stories don't inspire you, go online, and take a look at the before and after pictures. Find someone you look like, and see if you can repeat their weight loss success story.

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