Weight Loss Tips - How to Eat to Lose Weight

It's common knowledge that what you eat plays a pivotal role in how or even if you lose weight. Your nutrition is the key to a long term and sustainable weight loss. It's even more important than how you workout because it takes a lot less time to eat a certain amount of calories than to burn it.

However, how you eat can also affect your weight loss. In fact, by making small changes in the way you eat, even without reducing a single calorie, you can burn fat faster than you would have otherwise.

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So, how should you eat to lose weight? The most weight and for the longest time, of course.

1. You shouldn't starve yourself - Starvation may seem like a logical course to take if you want to lose weight, but it's counterproductive. It slows down the metabolism which is very bad for long term weight loss.

2. Eat more often - One of the best weight loss tips I can give you is to eat more often. Take your current calorie consumption and spread it between 4-6 meals and not just 3 big meals like we were taught as children. This will help you to remain full for longer and to digest your food better.

3. Begin your meals with a salad - This is a great trick to make sure you don't overeat on carbs and fats. Veggies will help you feel full so you will only eat what your body really needs.

4. Try to eat your food slowly and really enjoy it. Part of feeling full is allowing yourself to enjoy your food. It's not enough to fill the stomach, you have to satisfy the taste buds as well.

5. Don't eat just before a workout. If you want to digest your food better and to workout better, give yourself at least an hour if not more between a meal and a workout.

Follow these eating tips and you can lose weight faster.

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