Weight Loss in the Morning

If you want the most out of your weight loss program, do it in the morning. Say what? Fitness experts around the world often recommend that you do your exercise (for fitness, weight loss, toning, etc.) first thing in the morning for the best results.

Does a program of weight loss in the morning magically burn more calories? No, not necessarily, well, at least at this time there is no evidence, either clinical or scientific to back up a claim like that, but it does work.

It works because doing your exercise routine first thing in the morning is the best way to insure that it actually gets done. Even the U.S. Army performs physical training first thing in the morning.

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There are other benefits to a program of weight loss in the morning. It wakes you up and gets your blood moving, which gives you more energy throughout the day, as well as increasing your ability to think and focus. Starting off each day with exercise will crank up your metabolism and keeps it moving all day long, burning more calories and fat for you the easy way.

Can't find the time in your daily schedule to consistently do your workouts? Are work, school, and family causing you to put it off to another day more and more often? Here is the solution: set your alarm and get up an hour earlier and work out first thing in the morning - before anyone else is up, and before there are the hundreds of excuses that stop your weight loss and fitness progress. It has been called the "No Excuse Hour" and if you do your program of weight loss in the morning every day, it will work.

If you want different results than you have had in the past, you need to develop new habits. Albert Einstein is quoted as saying "Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." Don't keep trying to do things the same way and wonder why you can't lose weight. Change your approach and get started bright and early in the morning and you will see results.

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