How to Overeat to Overcome Weight Loss Plateau

How to overcome a weight loss plateau has been a question as long as there have been dieters but it was not until about 10 years ago when research discovered just how your hormones influence weight loss that we truly got the answer to how to effectively overcome weight loss plateaus.  You are going to love the solution.

Traditionally when you would hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts and the scale would stop moving you would diet harder restricting your calories even more severely.  This might have resulted in a little more weight loss but another plateau was looming.   In other words traditional diets made you continually drop your food intake in order to keep losing.  Besides being ineffective, this was no way to live.

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You see there was a reason you had to keep dropping your calorie consumption and that reason was because your metabolism kept slowing down.  When you eat less food a hormone in your body called leptin sends a distress signal fearing a famine.  Your body reacts by slowing your metabolism way down. 

Your metabolism is what allows you to burn fat so you can see traditional diets set you up for a weight loss plateau.

How to prevent or overcome weight loss plateau.

What you must do to keep the scale dropping is find a way to diet that does not weaken your metabolism and the solution is to overeat or "cheat" one day a week.

By dieting 6 days a week and then overeating on day 7 you essentially tell the hormone leptin that there is no problem and that you do in fact have plenty of food allowing your body to boost your fat burning metabolism back into high gear.

Does this cause your weight to yo-yo?

After you overeat on day 7 you may experience an increase in water weight (the carbohydrates you eat will retain water) but what research and thousands of real live case studies have shown is that your metabolism rebounds faster than your body is able to convert the new fat and by the end of the week you have a net weight loss that will continue week after week without a plateau.

The key to overcome a weight loss plateau is to strategically overeat for one day a week in order to keep your fat burning metabolism high. 

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