Is Drug Weight Loss Fatal?

You've tried diet after diet and they don't seem to work.

You lose weight and it comes back, bringing even more weight along with it. You're beginning to think that diet is just a four-letter word. You feel stuck and you don't know what to do next. But you know you need to lose the weight.

If you are considering phentermine weight loss today, the first question you should ask yourself is, do I really want to take a diet pill that requires a prescription? Secondly, should I consider other weight loss alternatives?

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A woman I work with is a mother who has three kids. She wishes she had the energy to take the kids to the park or just play around in the back yard. But since she is overweight, she just doesn't feel good, and doesn't feel good about herself. It's affecting her self-esteem, because she feels like a failure as a mother.

She heard that phentermine, the generic form of Adipex-P, was a diet pill that suppresses the appetite. She discovered that the phentermine weight loss products on the market today require a prescription. A prescription means an office visit with the doctor and a trip to the drugstore, both of which take time and money. Taking phentermine weight loss prescriptions can produce potentially harmful side effects.

Since it acts on the nervous system, it can make you nervous, causing sleepless nights. It was reported on the news today that the fewer hours you sleep the more weight you gain. Phentermine may also make you anxious and cause heart palpitations. The less problematic side effects include nose congestion, a feeling of lightheadedness, dry mouth and constipation.

Phentermine, although FDA regulated, can only be prescribed on a short-term basis. It is intended to be used in conjunction with long-term proper diet and regular exercise.

Be sure you become informed about your weight loss options.

Other alternatives on the market today are natural herbs that don't stimulate your nervous system like phentermine weight loss does, and neither do they have the potentially harmful side effects.

Some of the natural herb alternatives that are widely available make you feel full by satiating your appetite. When you find the alternative that's best for you, and you begin to lose weight, you'll begin to start feeling better about yourself and your life.

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