Weight Loss - The Secret to How to Eat and Lose Weight the Easy Way

Ever dream about losing weight while actually eating more? There is a way, and once you know the secret to how to eat and lose weight you will never have to suffer the pain of restrictive dieting ever again. How good would it be to instead of trying to lose weight with the usual depressing diets all weight loss programs push, you could actually continue to eat and not only lose weight but lose it once and for all. 

Want to know the secret?

The concept I'm about to introduce will completely change your way of thinking about the right way to lose weight that all the weight-loss programs available today are offering.

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The secret to being able to eat and lose weight is to add more food in before you take any food out. Before you start to restrict your sugar, fat and carb intake, in other words before you take anything away, you add healthy food into your eating program. That's right. You can continue to eat whatever you're eating now you just have to begin adding in healthy foods.

Most weight loss approaches recognize the value of filling the void you create when you eliminate certain foods from your diet. Well what if you could create a surplus that would naturally fill the void before the void is even created. And don't forget this void is not actually a physical void. Fortunately for most of us actual physical starvation is not an issue. The void we are talking about here is a mental and emotional void that creates a physiological response within our nervous system. This response will stop any attempt to lose weight, and keep it off, in its tracks.

There are psychological and physiological reasons why adding food to your eating program is far more effective than the traditional diet approach if you are interested in permanent weight-loss.

The most important of these is that by adding food before we take anything away we completely eliminate the sense of denial and deprivation that dieting creates.  You're not been forced to give up anything. This approach allows you to painlessly let go of certain foods as healthy alternatives that are now becoming part of your everyday eating program begin to push the less than healthy alternatives out of your life.

On a more physiological level the body doesn't freak out and go into food storage mode when it senses that food is being withheld and restricted. Another physiological aspect that we need to contend with when losing weight is the concept of homeostasis and how our nervous system is designed to maintain the status quo and keep things as they are.

If you are used to eating certain foods in certain quantities and then all of a sudden start to make dramatic changes, your nervous system will fight you every step of the way. And while it is possible to override this drive of your nervous system and temporarily lose weight with restrictive dieting, your nervous system programming will more often than not return you back to your normal weight.

Additionally, when you start to eat in a healthy way and begin to consciously add healthy food alternatives into your weight-loss program, you communicate very powerfully to your subconscious your intention to take positive steps to improve your health.

If you continue to add healthy food alternatives while not threatening your nervous system by dramatically taking away what it considers to be normal foods, the transition from overweight to slim and trim can be easily and painlessly achieved.

And most importantly your nervous system will begin to accept as normal your new healthy eating patterns and will support you in maintaining your new healthy way of eating, making the weight-loss permanent.

Learning how to eat and lose weight is not a problem when you approach it in this way.  By simply adding in more fresh fruit, vegetables and increasing your intake of fresh water as a starting point, before you even think about giving any foods up, many of your less than useful eating habits will simply disappear as they are no longer needed.


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