Weight Loss Without Drugs - 7 Simple Steps

Many people who are overweight would prefer weight loss without drugs but simply don't know the best alternate way(s) to go about it. In life there are always choices to be made and for those trying to lose weight it is no different.

The problem that usually occurs for those who do go after weight loss using drugs is that once they stop using the drugs, the weight usually packs back on in a matter of time. Obviously your objective in losing weight is not to gain it back so it should stand to reason that any short term fix like drugs or fad diets are just that, short term fixes.

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If you are serious about attaining weight loss without drugs then there are many options available to you. I will give you a few pointers here, but then would suggest that you look into the excellent guides that are available to help you in the long run to lose the weight and keep it off.

Tips To Weight Loss Without Drugs;

1. Stop eating a few hours before bedtime every night (2-3 hours is best)

2. Increase (or add if you do not already have these in your diet) your intake of fruits and vegetables.

3. Increase your water intake daily. Hardly anyone drinks enough water. Ice cold water has been reported to help wash away pounds...could not hurt to try.

4. Stop eating fried foods. Apart from the fats, frying has also been linked to Cancer.

5. Stay away from White Flour based foods. Go for whole grain alternatives.

6. Avoid sugary foods.

7. Ideally add some exercise to your daily routine. At least a half hour a day would be really beneficial.

These are simple steps really that anyone can incorporate into their life and improve their health and promote weight loss.


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