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Just enter the word diets into a search engine and you will end up with 10s of millions of results with a vast array of titles.  Diets for weight loss, diets for quick weight loss, fast diets, diets for men, for children. Leave off the "s" and its even more bewildering, diet pills, plans, tips, diets that work, I didn't see a category for diets that don't work though.

Is it any wonder that we the general public are so confused about dieting, what you must and mustn't eat, what plan you should follow or exercise routine to embark on?

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One major question you must ask yourself is why you think you need to go on a diet in the first place? What is it you want to achieve?  What is it about your body you don't like?  Are you genuinely overweight or are you responding to fashion, fads and TV programs. Before you launch yourself off into a diet plan get some professional unbiased advice, go and talk to your GP ask him/her to weigh you, show him any pamphlets or other literature you have of your chosen diet. Do your own homework look up the diet on the internet, if there is a person marketing or vouching for the product put their name into a search engine, what are their credentials?  How much experience of dietary products and plans do they have?

Draw up a list of your own situation, what is your problem area or areas as you see them? What are you expecting to achieve?  Within what time scale do you expect to see results?  On the other side of the same page list all the things you like about yourself and why - your hair or eyes - anything.  This helps you to keep a balanced view of yourself, because if you do feel unhappy about a particular aspect of yourself the tendency is to focus only on that and forget about all the great things there are about you. Okay let's assume you are overweight, your tummy hangs over your trousers or your bum's too big or whatever.  

Look at your own diet, if you drink lots of beer or eat takeaways every other night that may be the major part of your weight problem. These are obvious examples and the remedy maybe staring you in the face, but it may not be as cut and dried as that.  Keep a food diary for a month; log everything you eat, when you do this try also to note what type of mood you were in, what feelings you had.  Doing this will help you to identify comfort eating and other habits.

Women must take into consideration their menstrual cycle.  

What you are looking for is a pattern and part of the secret is breaking that pattern.  Now a month may seem a long time if  you are thinking I can't be bothered with all that, you then have to ask yourself how serious you are about losing weight, because yoyo dieting is a destructive cycle. To successfully lose weight you must get your mindset right, you will never achieve total success if you are not totally committed, a focused mind is absolutely essential.

Before you spend your hard earned cash on a dietary course take a close look at your present diet and lifestyle - is your diet balanced?  Do you eat enough fresh fruit and veg?  What about fish?  How much processed food do you eat?  Do you allow yourself enough time to sit down and eat a balanced meal in a relaxed unhurried manner?  Do you drink water?  How much do you exercise?  These are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself there is a great deal you can do just by simple self analysis.

Okay you have decided to follow that diet plan you saw advertised on the TV, make sure it is for you, by that I mean there is no point in going on an only eat lettuce diet if you can't stand the stuff or following a course that says do lots of star jumps if you have a dodgy knee. Because without a doubt you will get fed up and give up and be back on that yoyo.

There is nothing worse than feeling as though you have failed and that you are a failure.  It damages self confidence, self esteem that can have knock on effects for work and social life.  Losing weight is more than just looking good on the beach this is of course important to many people and is part of the reward for your endeavours.  For others losing weight is a conscious goal setting decision to improve quality of life and the first steps toward a more complete, contented individual.

We all know that the initial weight loss, getting down to your target weight is a fantastic achievement and a great confidence booster and quite rightly you should give yourself a huge pat on the back. There then follows the stage two of your quest, keeping the weight off. I can help you with both steps. I am able to provide help and advice enabling you to lead a slimmer healthier life.

Lastly do not let your diet dominate your life, do not stop enjoying yourself.

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