Super Tips For Weight Loss From the Average Joe

Effective Everyday Weight Loss Tips

Daily pointers on how to effectively lose weight while not starving yourself.

Everyday, people want to lose weight. Every New Years or a special event, weight loss is the first priority. I will show you practical ways to lose weight effectively and consistently.

Write down everything you eat for 3 days. Everything! A person needs to see exactly what he or she is consuming. When you write it down,this makes you see for yourself, the daily intake.

When you write everything down, you are being honest with yourself. In order to change the behavior, you have to face the behavior. Wanting to lose weight effectively is really wanting to change behavior.

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Eliminate late night snacking. At night time, the metabolism in the body slows down dramatically. If you eat pizza(example) at night, then go to sleep,when you wake up, the pizza is still in your system. It takes time to fully digest your food. The insides are playing catch up while your outside is saying,"What's to eat"? Your next meal is piled on with your last meal. Try to eliminate late night snacking.

Drink plenty of water. Water is a zero calorie beverage. The body is consisted of 70%+ water. Carbonated beverages has salt and sugar in them. Salt is sodium and sugar is fructose, sucrose, etc. Sugar and salt retains water in the body. If you eat and drink pop, you retain all the water and food. Even diet pop has sodium in it. Drinking water naturally flushes you out. In order for effective weight loss,drinking at least 8 ounces of water is suggested.

Change cooking habits. Instead of frying foods, bake or grill foods. Reduce your caloric intake by baking instead of frying. Season your food with more natural seasonings,instead of seasonings for convenience. Try Mrs. Dash or garlic powder instead of season salt and garlic salt.

Eat consistently. Eating at the same time everyday is crucial for effective weight loss. Your body will digest and eliminate waste if your body knows it will be refueled. I lost 80 pounds from changing my eating behaviors and eating at the same time, 3 times everyday.

Think about your change, not losing weight. Focus on the goal of change, you will change.Focus on healthier living,feeling better, accomplishing a plan. If you focus on losing weight, focus on what it's like having something or cooking something, or eating something you should not.

Achieve your goals. It feels great achieving your goals of effectively losing weight. It feels great whatever goal you set and accomplish. Focus on the goal at hand. If you believe it, you can achieve it and that settles it.

To effectively lose weight weight, write all the foods down, set a goal, change your cooking and eating habits, drink plenty of water, eat consistently and achieve that goal.


Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat


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