Secrets to Successful Weight Loss Programs - Especially For Women Over 40

Often women over 40 have tried several weight loss programs without success. How about you? Statistically, you have been on at least 5 weight loss programs or more. And the sad part is: It's extremely likely you have gained weight in the long run nevertheless. All the sacrifices, hours spent on sweating exercise routines: is's all wasted.

The failure rate of these programs is huge- and for women over 40 permanent weight loss is even harder to achieve. The female hormone system after age 40 is programmed to store fat and to keep it. But: This body fat usually ends up on the belly, the hips and the thighs and it's not only unattractive, it is unhealthy too.

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On traditional weight loss programs, there are a couple of things that do not work for women over 40.

The first thing is: The program is way too general and generic. What means, it doesn't adapt to your particular situation as a woman over 40 with the hormone changes going on at this age. And it does not adapt to your personality, and your particular lifestyle. Instead you are presented with a "one size fits all" solution, for both genders and all ages. Now image, you had to wear "one size fits all" clothes all day: Wouldn't that be horrible? You need something that fits you, your personality, your style and your body.

The next thing is: The program does not help you to follow through. It relies on your "will power" to do it, and this usually fails: If you have to fight yourself you will lose in the long run. Instead, a successful weight loss program needs to make sure that you enjoy what you are doing and that you choose a healthy lifestyle automatically.

The last point: Weight loss programs are set up as something temporary. You are on the program, you lose weight, and after finishing the program you are on your own again- what means, the old habits come back. And with them the fat. A successful program should teach you how to avoid yo-yo dieting and gaining weight after the weight loss phase.

Generally, women over 40 have a particularly hard time to lose weight permanently. If you are a woman over 40 you might consider a specialized weight loss program.

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